Strategic Communications Management

do we say, how we manage the perception, how we create communications plan, including the roadmap, by din of which we trade up the strategic techniques of the public relations.

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Corporation Communications Management

Corporation Communication Management is the process during which we within our partners’ social and business goals implement strategic planning, evaluating, fulfillment and control of communication management.

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Strategic Political Communications Management

Strategic Political Communications Management for achievement of your private and corporative aims within the frame of your needs “special for you” and “together with you”

For achievement our partners’ aims NeSS İletişim plans and develops those communication directions, which are necessary, from the specific to company strategic point of view. Planned “special for partner”, “peculiar to partner” roadmap of directions of Strategic Communications usually is fulfilled during 3, 6 or 12 month periods or is determined according to projects’ flexible and dynamical work system.

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